**BOGO 50% OFF Summer 2024** No discount code needed, savings applied at checkout. 50% off lower priced item.
**BOGO 50% OFF Summer 2024** No discount code needed, savings applied at checkout. 50% off lower priced item.
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About Ladylike Clothing Company

Born from an idea that feminine dressing doesn’t have to be impractical or overly complicated.  Ladylike Clothing Company caters to the women who want to look their best without compromising comfort and quality.  In a market saturated with come and go fashions that aim to mimic fleeting trends and unflattering celebrity looks, Ladylike Clothing Company focuses on contemporary, well-designed looks with classic feminine styling.

Ladylike Clothing Company was created with the goal to do more than just sell clothes.  We want to help women find their own Ladylike signature style that is uniquely hers.  We want to reduce the waste created when buying fast fashion trends that we later regret, grow tired of, or stop wearing because the looks are dated.  Over a few decades, and hundreds of cringe-worthy fashion faux pas, we’ve learned that the best way to create a wardrobe you’ll love, is to start from the foundation.  With this in mind, Ladylike Clothing Company’s approach to their sales starts with our Wardrobe Fundamentals.  Simple, chic, and most importantly- functional, pieces selected for their versatility.  We want you to have fun mixing our Wardrobe Fundamentals with more colorful pieces in our store, or creating your own signature looks using your personal closet favorites.  Throughout our website, you’ll see items designated as Wardrobe Fundamentals and find suggested pairings to give you ideas on how to mix and match pieces to create easy, effortless looks.  These staple pieces are ones you’re sure to love for seasons to come and we encourage you to breathe new life into them and your closet!  Show us how you style your Wardrobe Fundamentals to build your own Ladylike looks on Instagram!

At Ladylike Clothing Company, we never underestimate the confidence boosting power of a good dress!  We always say, “YES!” to dresses that make us feel great, and are happy to bring you an array of styles and lengths to help you find your new favorites.  We know every woman is different and can wear the same dress in several ways- we want to see how you wear your favorite Ladylike dresses and make them uniquely your own!

Ladylike Clothing Company is entirely female owned; the face, typing hands, and short little legs behind the brand all belong to me, Amanda Rodriguez.  I’m a Child of God, a mother, and a wife, and I am passionate about dressing well and doing it mindfully and affordably.  I strive to provide you value and authenticity with the styles we offer.

I grew tired and frustrated of spending money on clothing that looked fabulous in photos, or on a rack, only to realize the styles did not meet my expectations in real life.  I’m not a fan of shopping inside stores for hours and trying pieces on, and work/mom life makes that difficult  Mostly, even when I found items I loved, I usually ended up buying more of the same exact thing because I had no idea how to mix and style the clothes I already owned.  It took many years of terrible outfits, too short dresses, and drab pantsuits to discover a style that suits me.  In an effort to look stylish, I overspent on ill fitting, often unflattering clothes, but managed to score a few gems along the way.  These pieces are still in my closet today, and worn often- some almost 20 years old.  I’ve spoken to many women who felt (and still feel) the same way.  When I stopped trying to imitate trends and fit my short, curvy body into styles that didn’t work, I started to refine my wardrobe and create a style that has evolved, but lasted and stayed true to classic styling and feminine details.  

I looked to the best dressed women I knew, my glamourous Momma, with a colorful, bold, eclectic style that turns heads and is always tasteful; and my shero and very first boss who wore the most beautiful silk blouses, killer shoes, and commanded attention in her flawless black suits.  Both ladies had a uniquely different style, both dressed to suit their personalities and play up their best features, but both were confident, classy, and undeniably- ladylike.  My admiration for them helped develop a more conscientious way of dressing, and I hope to help you discover yours. 

My commitment to the women who choose to shop with Ladylike Clothing Company is this:

  • Real, unfiltered or edited photos of the clothes offered for sale, worn by a real person.  I will supply stock photos if I have them, and might use them until I can get real photos loaded.  Lighting is the only thing I will adjust, and I will always try to take product photos with minimal, natural makeup and limited accessories to keep distractions low.  Follow us on Instagram for real life photos of how I personally style and wear pieces everyday!
  • Honesty in measurements and sizing, always.  My measurements are:  5 2” | 41, 28, 40 | 135 lbs  I’ll often wear a slip, cami, or shorts under a dress because= Mom.  In sharing these details, I hope it helps make sizing and purchasing decisions easier.
  • I want you to be happy with your purchase.  If you’re not, please reach out to me so we can make it right.  See return policy here.
  • Taking care of our environment is a big deal.  I want you to love your wardrobe, take care of your items, and keep them as long as possible, finding new ways to mix and match them.  Clothing waste is a growing problem, and we can do better.  In the coming months, I am teaming with organizations that would love to give your gently used professional and evening wear new life by helping women in need.  I am also working to deliver your clothes in the most ecologically friendly way I can.  I still need to ship it, and package it, but am constantly working to improve the way I do it.  Your constructive ideas are welcome
  • Style comes in many sizes and shapes, I want to help you find yours.  See something you like and want to ask a question about fit?  Just ask!  I personally try and wear everything Ladylike Clothing Company carries.  If you need something in a different size, I am happy to try and find it for you.  I cannot always stock certain sizes, but if I know there is interest in extended sizing of a certain item- I will try.

More than anything, I want to help you build a wardrobe you’ll love, with pieces that keep up with our fast paced lives and ones you’ll feel good in!  Never overdone, and always- Ladylike.